Mind Over Matter Training Solutions LLC

What do I need to host an on-site class?
Businesses should have a room large enough to seat the students for a lecture and enough room to practice skills with manikins.  Audio/visual equipment such as a DVD player is also necessary. If you do not have one, let us know and we will furnish one for you.

How much does it cost?
We charge per student based on which type of training he or she needs.  It is often necessary to combine two or more trainings together.  Let us know what training your company needs and we will quote you a price.

How long does certification last?

CPR and AED are valid for two years,though some industries require a yearly CPR re-certification.  First Aid is valid for up to three years, depending upon which course option you take.

How many people can you teach at once?
We can to train up to 10 people at a time.  

What happens when my certificate ends?

Once your certificate has expired, you will want to take a re-certification course.  

Here are answers to a few of the commonly asked questions you may have.  If you don't see your question or answer here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What is the minimum class size?

Our minimum class size is 2 people and we charge a per person fee. This is one part of the flexible training we offer with Mind Over Matter Training Solutions LLC.


.We offers safety instruction that meets standard OSHA quidelines with the community and the workplace.  Our flexible training allows classes at your convenience, and our prices are highly competitive

How far will Mind Over Matter Training Solutions travel?

​Mind Over Matter Training  typically services all of South Carolina , however there is an additional fee to travel more than 50 miles. Please contact us and tell us where and what we need to train and we'll give you a quote.